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Willow Creek Winery 

          Wine Club

(all packages will include a gift throughout the year.) 

*gift's can include free tasting package voucher for 2, gift certificate's,  wines glasses ect.



Burgundy Package: $39.95-$49.95 quarterly (plus tax, shipping & handling fees

per state.)

So you’re a Sweety, we've got you covered. We have a nice selection of sweet, semi- sweet and dessert wines just for you! 

4 bottles 4x a year. *Semi-sweet / Sweet / Dessert.

Silver Package$39.95-$59.95 quarterly (plus tax, shipping & handling fees 

per state.)

If you are on the dry side then this package is for you. We will compose a selection of dry reds, dry whites with an occasional semi- sweet in the mix.  

4 bottles 4x a year. * Dry/ Semi-sweet.

Scarlet Package: $49.95-$64.95 quarterly (plus tax, shipping & handling fees 

per state.)

Like a variety in your wine selection? Then this package is for you! Let the winemaker pick some of his favorites for you to try.

4 bottles 4x a year. * Wine maker's choice. *Dry/ sweet/ semi-sweet/ dessert.

Premium Chocolate Package: $180.00 once a year (plus tax, shipping & handling fees per state.)

Love our Chocolate Wine selection? This package is just for you! Once a year we will ship  a mixed case (12 bottles) of our Amazing Chocolate Wines. 

All of our Chocolate Wines are hand crafted and made with 100% real dark chocolate married perfectly with our red wine. 

1 case (12 bottles) composed of our fabulous Chocolate Wines - (Chocolate Temptations,

 Chautauqua Chocolate, Chocolate Peppermint Patty and Bubbling Temptations.)

(plus tax, shipping & handling fees per state.)

   *Shipped and billed  in July

Call (716) 934-WINE (9463)  or stop in to get your Wine club package!

(To upgrade your package at anytime please call our office Mon- Friday 11am- 4pm)

* Pick up options available.

* - Wine will be shipped and billed on months that are marked *

Jan */ Feb/ March/ April*/ May/ June/ July*/ August/ Sept/ Oct*/ Nov/ Dec

2627 Chapin Rd. Silver Creek, NY 14136       716-934-WINE (9463)

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"Home of the Chocolate Temptations!"

Free shipping on orders of 6 or 12 bottle orders.

expires 7/31/2024 code for 6: freedom code for 12: freedom12

see details below for more info.

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